Masjid Restoration in Bahamas

Completed 100%

Thank you supporting us. This project is now closed

Heading for this Project

Jazakallah to all of our Beach & Beyond Bahamas 2021 guests for generously donating towards the restoration of the only Masjid in the Bahamas.

Zero Admin Fees

All admin and transaction fees are covered by Husna Vacations alhamdulilah. This allows 100% of your donation to go to the cause or project you select.

Simple Small Cap Causes

Once we identify a project or cause and reach the needed target, the portal to give for that project closes. Those who still wish to donate, are encouraged to seek out other causes that need attention.

Zero Savings

Husna Foundation does not save any funds for later. Once the target for a specific cause is reached, the project is funded and the donation portal closes until the next cause or project is identified.