Hikmah Center

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Practicing Islam in Mexico is a real struggle. In a population of 160 million, Muslims are a real minority.

 We met a brother who drove 4 hours just to attend Jumuah so that he could pray and identify with his community.

 Unlike America or Canada the majority of Muslims in Mexico are new to Islam struggling really hard just to keep their faith and practice. 

The Hikmah Center serves as a place where a true minority Muslim community has an opportunity to meet, learn and pray. Many brothers and sisters who found themselves on the streets at one time, were able to get back on track thanks to Hikmah Center. We personally met a brother (phd) who took refuge at Hikmah Center after he was forced to be on the streets with his wife and child . Today (Sept 2021) mashallah his family is back on track and they are contributing members of the very small Muslim community spread out in within a 4 hour radius of Mexico city.  

This Center currently needs about $17,000USD in order to become fully functional again.  The Husna Team has visited this Center and truly believes that this would be a great place to give back.

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