Zero Admin Fees

All admin, delivery and transaction fees are covered by Husna Vacations alhamdulilah! This allows 100% of your donation to go to the cause or project you select.

Project Based

Once we identify a project or cause and reach the needed target, the portal to give for that project closes. Those who still wish to donate, are encouraged to seek out other causes that need attention.

Zero Savings

Husna Foundation does not save any funds for later. Once the goal is reached the project is funded the donation portal closes until the next cause or project is identified.



Husna is an Arabic word that means: Good, goodness, good deeds, good rewards, good results, excellence and beauty. The word husna has appeared in the Quran numerous times and has also been used to refer to Paradise and Bliss. We pray that Allah continuously guides us to live up to this name through His enabling grace. 

Husna Foundation was officially established upon the request of Guests of Husna Vacations, who expressed their strong desire to give back wherever they go.

Alhamdulilah all admin fees (e.g. banking, terminal charges, web related charges, stationary, delivery, accounting and project research) are all covered by Husna Vacations.  This allows 100% of your donation to go to the cause you select Alhamdulilah.